A downloadable game


Build your own powerplant and earn coins! Use coins earned on power to purchase resources and build a more powerful power plants! The game has a large number of power plants, heat vents, cooling pools and cooling towers!


  • ASWD - Map navigation
  • [LMB] - Interaction with objects
  • [RMB] - Remove object from hand

Already available

  • 10 powerplants + 2 special double power plants
  • 4 expenditure coolers  and 7 eternal  coolers

How to play?

    1. Purchase resources for your power plants
    2. Build power plants
    3. Build as many coolers as you need to cool
    4. Turn on your power plant [Use spacebar]
    5. Clamp the power scale to sell the accumulated capacity
    6. Increase the level through the sale of energy to gain access to more powerful power plants

    Good to know

    • Expenditure coolers work much longer when they are near a water source

    Qiwi: +79058539749


    Reactor Tech 1.10.0 43 MB