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Welcome to the power plant construction and management simulator - Reactor Tech². In this game you have to open your own energy company and build your own power plants!

Power plants need fuel to operate. They burn fuel to heat water, which rotates turbines in the form of steam and generates power. In the game, several types of fuel are available for each power plant: solid fuel, liquid fuel and nuclear fuel.

Power plants are just empty buildings. For them to become real power plants, you need to equip them with boilers and turbines. Boilers heat water and turn it into steam, and turbines use this steam to generate power. There are 5 types of parts available for you: boilers, turbines, heat exchangers, ablators and neutron reflectors.

The game allows you to fine-tune the operation of your power plants. You can change the water supply, heating boilers and cooling heat vents. The total capacity of the power plant is limited to 100%. In the future, you can increase maximum power through technology research.

To develop the energy industry, you need to research new technologies. Each technology will improve your power plants, open new resources and parts for engineering. Technologies are developing slowly, but you can accelerate them by increasing the research budget.


Reactor Tech² 1.2.0
Reactor Tech² 1.1.0 67 MB

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