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Game description 

You are the owner of a large plot of land interested in the development of the energy industry. Starting with the "ancient" coal energy, you have to develop it or discover cheaper, and perhaps eco-friendly, energy production options. Build power plants and compete with other electric power industry for a place in the market.

What will you need to do in this game?

At the beginning of the game you will receive a field where you have to start building power plants. You will be allocated a handicap to several game years for construction, during this time you will need to have time to build the very first building that unlocks the slots for arranging the details in the engineering menu. Next you need to install a heat generator and turbines in the engineering menu. When we have done everything, we start the power plant and set the sliders of the power of the heat generator and water supply to the values you chose.

! You should not put power on the full, otherwise it can happen: overheating, pipes rupture due to high pressure or an excess of electricity, which will lead to overheating.

! How is electricity produced? When boilers are heated from 100 degrees Celsius, power generation begins.

If you did everything right, the electricity recharge indicator should light up. Every second, the units of electricity (megawatts) will increase, but at the same time they will decrease due to consumption by the nearest city. Once a year you will receive a report on the work of your power plant. For every 0.1 megawatt you will receive 1 mark.

Then you will have to invest in the development of new technologies. The more money you invest, the faster new technologies will open up. You will also be accompanied by a variety of events that will affect your success in the game. Other energy companies will compete against you. Who can power the whole world?


Reactor Tech² 1.0.0.zip 65 MB

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