New tech tree

Somehow I brought these custom technology trees to the “working” state. It seems it works, but no, it worked crookedly. Well, now it certainly works as it should, I personally checked it several times. My new development will allow your to create your own fully customizable technology tree.

In order to develop, we need to choose the technology necessary for research. When we click on a technology, we select it, after which once a month the funds allocated by us will be withdrawn from the budget. To allocate money for research, we need to click on the buttons at the top - add and decrease. Each thousand marks is equal to 1 unit of experience. For example, technology costs 100 units, we will need to open 100,000 marks. In the file you can find the id of the technology, as well as its settings, you can configure the price in units; progress in units; the number of icons that can be drawn to visualize the resulting items; branches that indicate the next available technology; technology position in the tree (X; Y); as well as the commands that will be executed upon opening (add money, open an item or a basis).

- All of the above will allow you to create your own interesting events, difficulties and conditions.

Now I just have to come up with the contents of a standard technology tree, as well as adding a description to all of this.

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