Power Plant Performance Report

Improved graphics: brighter lighting, sharper textures, more variety among trees.

Consided the request of our vk-sub: now if you hover on the button with the menu, a small field will appear with its name.

Opened the translation in external files: now it became easier to translate the game: just copy and paste the file with the translation, and translate it into the desired language. In order for the translation file to be seen by the game, in the settings you need to write the number of files with translations in a digit, but already considering your personal translation. Each file with the translation, you can attach a file in the format ".png", where you can draw a flag.

Slightly improved the interface; as usual, slightly optimized the game and fixed a bunch of bugs.

An annual report has been added, now every year you will receive a report on the operation of your power plant, so far it includes: the amount of energy produced by you in megawatts for 1 year; earned reputation affecting the price of your energy and increasing demands for electricity production (Formula: total produced divided by the required amount minus one); earned marks, game currency (Standard price: 10 marks for 1 megawatt); Fines for exploitation, i.e. excessive wear of buildings will increase your expenses for their support. I plan to make it possible not to pay fines for the sake of economy, but this can lead to a catastrophe.

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